since 50 years.

From then until now in motion.


Gertraud and Guy, aided by brother and brotherin-law Klaus, were able to acquire the neighbouring plot of land and add it to the Sonnenburg. The entire family pulled together, making a supreme effort to plan and rebuild the Hotel Montana, named in memory of Gertrud‘s father‘s home in Kitzbühel.


The Montana and its two storeys now stood proud and inviting over Lech. As the boss Gertraud was the soul of the house, greeted and looked after the guests and also kept the accounts and the room plan, naturally written by hand.


In 1967 Patrick was born on the Arlberg and set about growing into a tall boy. Patrick‘s career as a hotelier was already written in the starts. At the age of 5-6 years he was the Montana janitor‘s most important assistant. Armed with pliers, screwdriver and insulation tape he was permanently patrolling through the house to make sure everything was in order.


In 1977 Gertraud and Guy enlarged the Montana by adding the third and fourth storeys and built a new hall and restaurant. The next improvement in quality came just three years later: the indoor swimming pool and the fitness centre enhanced the four star character of an exclusive hotel.


A highlight in Patrick Ortlieb‘s career: the gold medal at the Winter Olympic Games in 1992.


In 1994 Patrick won the legendary downhill from Hahnenkamm in Kitzbühel, he married Kathrin and Lara was born.


Patrick became downhill champion edging out the Italian Kristian Ghedina and the Frenchman Luc Alphand. A short time later Nina was born.


After ending his sporting career, Patrick devoted himself to the hotel, youth training at the SCA (Arlberg Ski Club) and his family… in 2003 Kathrin gave birth to a strapping baby boy, Jona!


In 2005 Gault Millau awarded one toque in recognition of the high level attained by the Montana. Today, the guests dine in the restaurant “Zur Kanne“ in the company of many, many awards as well as 2 toques (15 points) for excellent in the á la carte restaurant refurbished in 2009.


These days, Kathrin and Patrick managed together the hotel Montana Oberlech, with daughter Lara already lending an occasional helping hand.