Rated “very good”… many thanks for so much appreciation.

We find it even more pleasing when we manage to satisfy your personal tastes, either with a hearty meal or a festive dinner. Our restaurant “Zur Kanne” intends to continue being one of the top Arlberg addresses.

Membership in the best tendency groups and brotherhoods for cuisine is acknowledgement of our quality, but also gives us a great responsibility:

toque cuisine “Gault Millau”

Our award winning chef, distinguished by “Gault Millau” will treat you in a pleasant atmosphere with delicacies from the kitchen and wine cellar. Moreover, our restaurant “Zur Kanne” was awarded the Trophée Gourmet in 2008.

Owner: Ortlieb family
Kitchen chef: Markus Winkler
Chef de Service-Dipl. Sommelier: Roland Colle
Kitchen times: 11.00 a. m. – 10.00 p. m.

Cheers, enjoy you meal!

Food and drink enjoy a special place in our establishment.