Toboggan or zipfelbob – the motto is always “Ready, Steady, Go!”

A tobogganing session is definitely the highlight of any winter holiday. Luckily, Oberlech has a special treat in store for tobogganing or zipfelbob fans!

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Sledge run in Oberlech

On 1.2 km, the spectacular track with lots of bends runs from Oberlech to Lech through the snow-covered forest. Don’t underestimate the skill involved – you need to steer and brake with the soles of your feet! The best bit comes right at the end, when ambitious tobogganists race down the final stretch. Tobogganing on the Arlberg – an unforgettable adventure for all age groups! 

After-hour thrills

Who says that tobogganing should be confined to daylight hours? The flood-lit tobogganing run from Oberlech to Lech proves otherwise! Discover the thrill of night-time tobogganing until 10 pm. Who will be the first to cross the finishing line – the toboggan or the zipfelbob? And thanks to the Oberlech cable car line, you can get back to the start in no time and do it all over again! 

Winter specialsWinter in Oberlech
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